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About the application

The development roadmap

MudBlazor, SEO, web application performance/compliance aspects

.NET 7 runtime, data consistency fixes, front end optimization for Google PageSpeed

November, 2022 - now

Single-page web app migration

The whole solution has been successfully moved to the modern web stack of .NET 6 / Blazor Server to ensure the rendering speed and perfect UX for the students and lecturers across all modern platforms and devices, moving to AutoMapper

November, 2021

k704.khai.edu and systems alignment

The psychology department web app was included in the solution to provide the relevant info and modern look to the enrollees of the non-technical department via .NET 5 MVC web application

November, 2020

education.khai.edu setup

Formerly published as dev.khai.edu, the educational CRM subsystem was designed to bring the modern look to the KHAI departments structure and supplement the main khai.edu website via .NET Core 3

April, 2020

fms.khai.edu resource

The physics and mathematics school of the KHAI website hasbeen developed to notify the enrollees of the entrance probability improvement possibilities and for familiarization with the course in physics and math recorded by the distance education lab and the specialists of the relative departments

January, 2019

profkomstud.khai.edu initial release

The initial version of the Trade Union application has been developed via .NET Core 2 MVC to replace the legacy profkom.xai.edu.ua website

November, 2018

Key features of the educational CRM

  • The Microsoft stack (.NET 8 / Blazor Server / Entity Framework 8) is being used
  • The user report-based testing and complete compatibility assessment is done via BrowserStack
  • This solution has been assembled with the inspiration of the trade union committee of the students' team, public relations department collective, distance education department, news service of KHAI, and psychology department specialists. In case of questionsor suggestions, feel free to contact the application support team via this link

Functionality mappings and routing

As far as the application is a single-page one, the following routes for navigation convenience are used:

Compliant lecturer data Compliant student data